September 14, 2020 Update: Based on feedback from the community, Ryan Companies believed the right thing to do was to withdraw the previous development application for 16.8 acres west of Adams, and submit a new application for 32.45 acres (including 21 acres east of Adams). This includes 100% of what Ryan has under contract with IBLP. The new application includes 12 acres that is being provided for the public use. The new application was submitted to the Village of Hinsdale on September 8, 2020.
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Below are plan adjustments by Ryan Companies over the past 9+ months.
  • The development area grew from 16.8 acres to 32.45 acres - 100% of what Ryan has under contract.
  • The location of the 31 villas shifted from west of Adams (17 in Hinsdale, 14 in Oak Brook) to 27 senior living villas east of Adams.
  • The plan now Includes 12 acres of open/park space east of Adams for public use. Includes ability for Village to place a “Welcome to Hinsdale” sign at Ogden/Route 83.    
  • Architectural style changed from Craftsman to Georgian with improved detailing and scale along Ogden Avenue.
  • We are proposing a new dedicated left & right turn lane from Adams to Ogden (subject to IDOT approval).
  • We increased setback from Ogden by 11-ft. Increased setback from Adams by 15-ft. 
  • Decreased maximum height from 4-stories to 3-stories (2 stories along Ogden). 
  • The number of parking stalls now exceeds code minimum.
  • No longer requesting amendment for minimum 20 acres PD size.
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New Development Summary
  • 32.45 acres along Ogden Avenue & Route 83 at the NW corner of the Village
  • 12 acres of open/park space east of Adams for public use
  • 130 independent senior suites, 70 assisted living suites, 40 memory care suites, and 27 senior living villas
  • $110M investment in Hinsdale
  • Adds revenue to village & schools without additional kids
  • Approximately $20M additional to School District 86 & 181 over 20 years
  • Approximately $1.5M to village over 20 years
  • Generates less traffic than what is allowed per current zoning classification (7.5 acres of institutional zoning and 24.95 acres of R-2 zoning)
  • 3-story maximum height (2-story along Ogden west of Adams and 1-story east of Adams)
  • Replace existing IBLP facility with an upscale senior living community that meets market demand

For more information contact:
Dave Erickson, Vice President of Real Estate Development or 630-328-1104.